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The Beatty-Guenter Retention Strategy Model:
Beatty-Guenter categorises retention strategies into 5 groups; sorting, supporting, connecting, transforming students and  transforming the university.

Sorting and Supporting Strategies are both Reactive in that they are a coping response to either the characteristics of the applicants or to the students recruited. Connecting strategies are Integrative as they attempt to bridge the world of the student and the world of the university. Transforming strategies are Proactive as they aim to effect profound change on both the student and the institution.

Beatty-Guenter, concludes that the key to truly effective overall approaches to improving retention is balance between the five categories - both in terms of ensuring that the retention approach is not too heavily focused in one or two areas, but
also ensuring that strategies in one category are complementary to those in another.

source: Veronique Johnston, Napier University