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About Current Law Case Citator

Current Law

This tutorial will concentrate on using the Current Law Case Citator to locate case citations for finding law reports for specific cases and checking a case's judicial history. It is useful to note that Current Law Yearbooks and Monthly Digest can be used to locate journal article information. The Monthly Digest also provides information on the latest developments in UK case law, legislation and secondary legal material such as books and articles. Current Law Week is a weekly current awareness newsletter aimed at practitioners. There is also another Current Law series known as Current Law Statutes which deals with statute information.

Current Law Case Citator (CLCC) is a legal resource that lists citations for finding full text law reports and the full history of cases heard in England and Scotland since 1947. CLCC consist of three parts:

Part one

A set of index volumes called the Current Law Case Citators

Part two

The Current Law Yearbooks

Part three

Current Law Monthly Digest

Current Law Case Citators: Each citator covers a number of different years.

The Case Citator volumes contain alphabetical lists of case names and each entry gives the history of a case throughout the years covered by a particular citator volume.

The image above shows that the Current Law Case Citator has a number of indexes which are published in blocks of a number of years. The first volume, for example, covers cases heard or used in court from 1947 to 1976. Cases which were in court before 1947 can often be referred to in the Current Law Case Citator indexes if the case has been referred to or quoted in another case since 1947.

The Current Law Yearbooks give details about what has happened to a case since it was first heard. The second part of the Current Law Case series is the Current Law Yearbooks. These volumes contain the detail of the brief information supplied in the citator volumes. For example if the citator states that a case has been followed by another case, the reference given will point the user to a Current Law Yearbook where the precise information of which case followed the decision of another case is listed.

Information on cases heard since the publication of the latest bound citator volume is found in either annual paperback indexes or the latest Current Law Monthly Digest.