Development Fund Project

Name: Dr Tina Wilson

Institution: The Open University

Others Involved: Dr. Giselle Martins dos Santos Ferreira

Title: Using Open Educational Resources and Web 2.0 Tools to support Ethical Reasoning in Information and Computer Sciences Project-Based Learning

Brief Description:

This project aims to investigate the potential of Web 2.0 tools and Open Educational Resources (OER) to support students engaged in project-based learning in ICS. Capitalising on existing online environments and tools as well as available learning resources in the area of ethical reasoning in ICS, this project will explore the potential of these openly and freely accessible resources to provide a space where students can be encouraged to identify, engage with and discuss ethical issues that arise in their project work.

The availability of Web 2.0 tools and OER affords the emergence of novel learning spaces. Ongoing debate on these innovations, however, has predominantly emphasised technical, production and copyright - related issues. This project proposes to look beyond these issues by focusing on pedagogy. By taking into account the ways in which lecturers and students view social networking tools, this project seeks to shed some light on the potential of such arenas for formal, informal and, perhaps, new and less fragmented models of, learning.

Year: 2009/2010 Type: general