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JISC ITT: Library Management Systems

Tue 12th Jun, 2007

JISC ITT: Library Management Systems: an evaluation and horizon scan of the current library management systems and related systems landscape for UK Higher Education

JISC and SCONUL wish to commission a project to conduct an evaluation and horizon scan of the current Library Management Systems (LMS) landscape in HE. The main focus is on LMS (including Electronic Resource Management systems) but does not preclude consideration of other, related systems.

The aims and objectives of this project are to:

evaluate the current situation within the LMS market (other systems might be appropriate and can be confirmed in the planning phase of the project) in terms of products, satisfaction, service differentiation and requirements
evaluate procurement and cost issues, including a survey of academic library plans
conduct a horizon scan to determine what developments are taking place elsewhere which are already, or might, impact on future developments
assess the use of service orientated approaches (SOA) and adoption of standards in terms of academic library requirements, readiness and product match
make recommendations on how the academic library sector can engage with Library Management Systems, other significant library related systems and issues concerning the JISC Information Environment and the e-Framework for education and research
Funding of up to 60,000 (inclusive of VAT and related travel and subsistence) is available for the study. The deadline for receipt of proposals is 9th July 2007.

The expected start date for the project is the 23rd July 2007. This project should take place over a maximum period of six months.

It is anticipated that full data regarding digital repositories is out of scope, although taking account of repository systems in terms of the wider needs for interoperability will be relevant. Systems, such as Resolver systems, may be relevant and the relevance can be considered by bidders and as part of the planning phase of the project.

Further information including the full. ITT can be found at: