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Innovate-Live Spring Seminar Series

Mon 23rd Apr, 2007

The Innovate-Live Seminar Series is a series of webcasts produced by, ULiveandLearn, that cover timely issues that arise when educators attempt to use information technology tools to enhance the educational process writ broad.

These seminars will be archived within the Innovate-Live portal. Particularly relevant discussions may give rise to articles that could be considered for publication in Innovate. If you would like to lead a seminar on an issue you regard as timely and important to the community, please send, James L Morrison, Editor-in-Chief,Innovate, ( a paragraph or two framing the issue and suggest who would join you in the audio discussion. The deadline for the fall 2007 seminar series is August 15, 2007.

If you would like to participate in any of these seminars, please go to and either login if you have participated in a previous Innovate-Live webcast or take a minute to register if you haven't. (Registration is free.)