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Call for Grant Funding bids from Scottish Institutions

Fri 2nd Feb, 2007

Sustainability is now recognised to be a key area of development for the education sector . In particular, the policy and practice context points to the need to consider how best to embed it into higher education learning and teaching strategies and curricula.

The Higher Education Academy is currently undertaking a programme of development activity and capacity building so as to better assist institutions and subject communities in their development of curricula and pedagogy to equip students with the skills and knowledge to live and work sustainably. This recognises the importance of increasing 'sustainability literacy' among students and the growing demand for sustainability skills among employers.

In order to help develop this capacity the Higher Education Academy 's Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Project invites applications for the funding of grants from Scottish HE institutions designed to:

encourage a culture in which innovative developments in the embedding of sustainable development in the curriculum are valued and acknowledged at a national level;

promote good practice in the embedding of sustainable development in the curriculum;

disseminate within the wider community innovative methods or materials originally developed for use within a single institution in the embedding of sustainable development in the curriculum.

The HE Academy has set aside 4k for one such grant available exclusively to individuals working in Scottish institutions.

Applications should be submitted by noon on April 16th 2007

Further details can be found here:

The application form can be downloaded here: