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Call for 2011 LIRG/JIBS Student Awards

Wed 13th Apr, 2011

2011 LIRG/JIBS Student Awards - closing date is 13 May 2011.

The Library and Information Research Group (LIRG), in conjunction with
JIBS, awards a student research prize of £300 each year for a
research-based project. Each School of Library and Information Studies is
invited to nominate one of their students' projects for the award.

LIRG offers the prize to promote a greater awareness amongst students of
the importance of research and to facilitate the dissemination of the
results of outstanding projects. More information about the LIRG Award:

The JIBS award focuses on the area of library information systems,
bibliographic databases or other resource discovery technologies and how
such resources or technologies are being developed or exploited. More
information about the JIBS prize:

Last year saw a high quality of submissions and in addition to the winner
three submissions were commended and invited to submit an article for
Library and Information Research. See the current edition for Sarah
McDonald who wrote about the currency of news sourced from London
newspapers and re-printed in Dublin City newspapers in the last decade of
the eighteenth century.