News story

PDP tool for Postgraduate Students

Tue 23rd Nov, 2010

Postgraduate students may be involved in teaching activities, and need support to help them in this activity. Institutions will normally provide training sessions and institution-specific guidance, but this is not always felt to be sufficient. HEA-ICS has conducted a survey of UK computing departments to ascertain what support materials are provided for PG students to develop personal development plans (PDP) to support their teaching activities.

HEA-ICS has developed a Moodle course which provides a PDP tool for PG students to record their teaching sessions, to identify their support needs, to record feedback from the course leaders they are working with, and to generate reports which can be used in CVs. The tool is designed to integrate with institution on-line resources, and is provided in a form which institutions can edit and modify to suit their individual needs.

The course can be viewed at and downloaded at