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Thomson Reuters Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award

Tue 25th May, 2010

The purpose of the award is to recognize the unique teaching contribution of an individual as a teacher of information science.



The recipient of the award need not be a member of the ASIS&T but must be directly engaged in teaching some aspect of information science on a continuing basis, in an academic or a nonacademic setting. Nominees need not be associated with aneducational institution; however, teaching information science must represent a significant work responsibility although it need not occur within the traditional classroom. Workshops, speeches, publications, and presentations, in addition to academic courses, can also be used to teach information science. Previous recipients of the award are ineligible, as are members of the Education Committee during the year of the award.


The award shall consist of a cash award of $1,000. Additionally, ISI shall contribute $500 towards travel or other expenses to the grant recipient, contingent upon the recipient's attending the ASIS&T annual meeting, and $250 to ASIS&THeadquarters towards administrative fees.

Deadline    Jul 01, 2010


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