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Survey - storing information in the cloud

Thu 4th Mar, 2010

The Department of Information Studies (DIS) at Aberystwyth University is currently running a research project looking into cloud storage requirements for information professionals. The project is funded by the Society of Archivists and the final report will be presented at their annual conference in September 2010.

Please help with a SoA funded research project on storing information in the cloud by completing their survey:

The aim of the project is to address some of the issues arising from storing electronic information in a virtual environment (the cloud) which is not directly controlled by the originating organisation on their servers but outside the firewall through an external cloud provider (for a detailed definition of cloud computing see


The project aims to produce a set of legal, operational and security related considerations for information professionals in the form of a toolkit that should be taken into account when moving data into a cloud environment for primarily access and computational reason. In order to fully consider the range of concerns of information professionals about storing data in the cloud such as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and compliance with access legislation such as DP and FOI, they would like to consult the community in the form of a short questionnaire. It is outside the scope of this small project to consider preservation issue of information stored in the cloud but they hope to look at that area in the future.


The team would be grateful for all information professionals whose organisations already store information in the cloud or whose organisations are planning to do so to complete the following questionnaire and maybe agree to be contacted for further investigation at a later stage. They would also be grateful, if members of the information profession could forward the questionnaire to other colleagues in their organisation (legal or IT) who have responsibility for managing data in the cloud.


This research project is seen as an introductory study that seeks to provide practitioners with a basis for a more structured discussion of the impact of cloud computing on records and information management processes and we are looking for active input from the information community.


The survey is available at and will close on 21st March 2010.