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A roadmap for low carbon computing

Thu 26th Nov, 2009

Climate change minister Ed Miliband likens the challenge facing us over climate change to the Apollo mission which landed a man on the moon. And it’s not just the technology that we need to get right – a huge collective, society-wide endeavour is required. We are, as they say, all in this together, so what role will education have to play? A new report from JISC TechWatch, Low carbon computing: a view to 2050 and beyond, attempts to answer that question, outlining a technology roadmap for moving to a more energy efficient information systems infrastructure.

TechWatch anticipates developments in information and communication technologies that might have high impact on the core business of Further and Higher Education in five to ten years' time. Its main activity is to produce peer reviewed reports on key technologies and related standards, which are kept up-to-date through short news items on Notes from the Future the TechWatch blog.