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Using games and simulations to enhance student employability - UCE Birmingham

Tue 31st Oct, 2006

One of last years UCE Birmingham Learning and Teaching Projects has been looking at how using games and simulations can enhance the employability of students. The Games and Simulations Project Team at UCE Birmingham are trying to identify fun, effective resources that really work well with students at all levels

They have two main aims:

  1. To establish a repository for all of the activities, resources and great ideas - and share all of that information. Go to The enrolment key is 'gaming'. Did you know there are some wonderful card sorts you can tailor to use with your students? Would you like to see some reviews of an Elgood Associates Management Game before you buy your own copy?

  2. To find out what else is going on at UCE Birmingham and elsewhere. Have you got a fabulous book, wonderful exercise, fun game that works really well to get your students thinking about their skills? Have you got some ideas but have never had the incentive to try them out?

Please visit their Moodle site and review what's there

Moodle is their VLE and normally you would need a network id but they have allowed 'guest' access so that you can share all that they found! When you are asked for the enrolment key this is 'gaming'.