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Web2Access: toolkit to support the use and evaluation of Web2.0 technologies

Wed 18th Mar, 2009

Funded by the JISC Users & Innovation: Personalising Technologies Programme under the 'Next generation technologies and practices' strand, Web2Access was developed as a toolkit designed to support the other projects funded within the JISC Users & Innovation Programme in their engagement with next generation and Web 2.0 technologies and the emerging legal issues surrounding them, such as IPR, copyright and accessibility.

The Web2Access Site aims to assist users in evaluating the accessibility of particular applications, categorising the applications according to what tasks are to be achieved and the particular needs of the intended user group.

Web2Access is divided into 3 sections – you can browse for tools according to the type of task you want to undertake, you can view an analysis of some of the common tools in terms of their accessibility for people with particular difficulties, or you can undertake an accessibility analysis of any other tool of your choice. This latter section provides a 14-point testing programme for you to undertake – not a checklist as you need to apply your own judgement in the context in which you are working.

To contact the Web2Access Project or to ask for further assistance or clarification please contact the JISC TechDis Helpdesk:    A sister website, Web2Rights provides advice and guidance on the legal aspects of using Web2.0 technologies, such as Intellectual Property, libel and accessibility.