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Georgia Tech Debuts Outsource-Resistant CS Curriculum

Fri 6th Oct, 2006

The College of Computing at Georgia Tech has released a two-part report exploring the need for a new approach to undergraduate computing education in the face of an increasingly competitive global environment and describing the College’s new undergraduate computing program: Threads™.

The report, “Creating symphonic-thinking computer science graduates for an increasingly competitive global environment,” presents: (1) the problem faced by computer science undergraduates, departments and colleges of computing, and relevant industry, and (2) the innovative solution developed at Georgia Tech.

The report argues that tomorrow’s undergraduate computer science students will need to develop new skills to compete successfully in the future environment, and the idea of symphonic-thinking is of central importance to the tremendous opportunities and challenges faced by U.S. computer science graduates. Symphonic-thinking refers to the “signature ability of composers and conductors, whose jobs involve corralling a diverse group of notes, instruments, and performers and producing a unified and pleasing sound … recognizing patterns, crossing boundaries to uncover hidden connections, and making bold leaps of imagination.” Symphonic-thinking students of computing will develop expertise in multiple, high-value areas of computing and act as innovative boundary crossers.

The full report an be accessed at: