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Survey reveals most students are satisfied with teaching

Thu 20th Nov, 2008

The vast majority of students are happy with the amount of contact they get with their lecturers, according to a survey for the National Union of Students (NUS).

An article in this week's Times Higher Education , '"Encouraging' survey reveals most students are satisfied with teaching", outlines the results of the poll of more than 3,000 undergraduates. The NUS vice-president for higher education,  Aaron Porter, was encouraged that most students, regardless of their institution, expressed satisfaction with their teaching and though that contact hours were satisfactory.

Despite evidence that students are demanding more contact hours in return for paying tuition fees, the survey found that students receive an average of 15 contact hours a week, and 75 per cent are satisfied with the amount they get.  Most students thought highly of the quality of the teaching they receive, although standards at old universities were rated more highly than those at post-1992 institutions.

The full NUS Student Experience Report will be published on 25 November - see