News story

‘Upwardly Mobile’: inclusive m-Learning for beginners

Mon 20th Oct, 2008

Upwardly Mobile is a new user-friendly DVD-ROM from the JISC TechDis service, designed to make mobile learning (m-Learning) more engaging and accessible.

Upwardly Mobile provides teaching staff with three main benefits. Information on the accessibility pros and cons of m-Learning, ideas and approaches on using mobile content created by tutors, learners and other individuals, and tips on distributing learner-created mobile content.

Delivered through mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), here are some ways in which m-Learning can add value to the e-Learning experience:

  • Increasing access to information
  • Improving access to assistive software
  • Creating personalised interfaces
  • Making the benefits of e-learning more portable
  • Providing access to a range of teaching and learning contexts
  • Creating new opportunities for all learners regardless of ability

JISC TechDis aims to be the UK’s leading educational advisory service in the fields of accessibility and inclusion. In focussing on techniques that maximise the use of familiar and free technologies, this new DVD-ROM will help widen participation by bringing rich teaching and learning experiences to an ever-widening audience.

View information on how to order the Upwardly Mobile DVD-ROM.