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Are you interested in using technology in your teaching of maths?

Tue 3rd Jun, 2008

sigma, the HEFCE funded Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Statistics Support, is keen to work with HE in FE practitioners who are interested in incorporating new technologies in their teaching practice.  Based at Loughborough and Coventry Universities, sigma is currently investigating the effectiveness of new technologies in the teaching of mathematics to specialist and non-specialist maths students.  sigma is keen to develop work with anyone interested in developing new and innovative approaches to teaching, including the development of mathematical or statistical resources that will prove beneficial to students or staff involved in mathematical support.

Robotics is a popular and effective way for teachers to cover important areas of their science, technology, engineering and maths curricula in a fun, engaging and hands-on way.  We have kit available to those interested in developing new resources or adapting their teaching to use technologies, such as Lego MindStorm NXT robots and Lego Technic, specifically to support the learning of mathematics and numeracy.  We would like to work with you to develop projects that will enhance your teaching practice and feed into our research.  We would also like to develop some case studies highlighting your experience and evaluation of the projects.


If you are interested, please contact Moira Petrie, sigma Assistant Director, for an informal chat on 01509 222864 or via email at