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National Awards for the Teaching of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) in Higher Education in Scotland and Wales

Tue 29th Apr, 2008

The ICS Subject Centre is pleased to launch an annual National Awards Scheme for the Teaching of ICS in Higher Education in Scotland and Wales.

The aim of the awards is to recognise and reward HE ICS practitioners in Scotland and Wales who have made an outstanding contribution to the growth, development or enhancement of the teaching of the disciplines through their work in national, regional or institutional contexts, and to draw their achievements to the attention of the ICS community as a whole.

One award for each country, each of £5,000, is available in the academic year 2007-08.


Applications can only be received from individuals. The awards are open to all full or part-time ICS HE practitioners currently teaching in HEIs or colleges of further and higher education in Wales/Scotland.

Subject Centre staff or other members of the selection panel are not eligible for entry.
Closing date for applications: Friday 30 May 2008.

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