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e-Learning and Teaching Workshop

Date: 6th June 2007
Location: University of Greenwich
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Presentations/Event material

Achievement of Pedagogic Objectives in Post-Graduate e-learning in an International Setting
Richard Self
University of Derby

Includes a brief background, the e-learning spectrum, blended learning, fully on-line, differentiated learning and issues in Developing Countries projects and also the UK.
[Download Powerpoint version]

Learning from e-Learning: Initial experiences from the European Learning Grid
Rosa Michaelson
University of Dundee

Includes the ELeGI Project, it's motivation and approach, why grid, two sides to grid and more.
[Download Powerpoint version]

PESTE Factors for e Teaching and Learning
Deryn Graham
University of Greenwich

Includes an introduction, a framework for e-learning, blended learning, PESTE factors and more.
[Download Powerpoint version]

The Continuing Evolution of an Academically Driven Framework for the Research, Deployment and Management of Learning
Stuart Purdie
University of St Andrews

Includes a history, Evolutionary forces, MMS Logical Structure & Associations Data Warehouse Registry Student Records and more.
[Download PDF version]

The impact of content type on educational dialogues
Andrew Pyper and Mariana Lilley
University of Hertfordshire

Includes background information, learning content types, disposable content, durable learning content, implications and more.
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09.30 10.00 Registration and coffee, setting-up of posters
10.00 10.30 Welcome and Keynote Address
Deryn Graham, University of Greenwich
10.30 11.00 General Issues (State of the Art, e-Learning Standards, Learning Objects and Repositories, Digital Games)
The continuing evolution of an academically driven framework for the research, deployment and management of learning.
Colin Allison, University of St. Andrews
11.00 11.30 Coffee and Interactive Posters
11.30 12.00 General Issues (State of the Art, e-Learning Standards, Learning Objects and Repositories, Digital Games)
E-learning Challenges for International Development.
Alan Hayes, University of Wales
12.00 12.30 Technical Issues (Knowledge Management, Multimedia and ICTs in Education, Collaborative Leaning/Groupware)
Achievement of Pedagogical Objectives in Post-Graduate eLearning in an International Setting.
Richard Self, University of Derby
12.30 13.00 Pedagogical and Didactic Issues
Where is the e in elearning
Tony Valsamidis, University of Greenwich
13.00 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 14.30 Pedagogical and Didactic Issues
The impact of content type on educational dialogues
Andrew Pyper, University of Hertfordshire
14.30 15.00 Designing for Learning: The way forward?
Grid infrastructures for e-learning.
Allison C. Michaelson, R., Purdie S. and Stover T., University of St. Andrews
15.00 - 15.30 Coffee and Interactive Posters
15.30 15.45 Discussion
15.45 - 16.00 Summing Up, Departure